Autographed Book: Over the Dam
ImageSomewhere in the mountains of Colorado is a group of eco-vigilantes led by a single minded woman. She wants to "return the Colorado River to its natural, free flowing state". Someone Mikel Mas, water lawyer and outdoorsman, experiences unexplained, odd occurrences and encounters. Trying to make sense of it all, he inadvertently learns of the group and its leader. At the same time, the leaders of the eco-vigilantes become aware of Mikel and his inquisitive efforts. Somehow The lawyer and several buddies dig around and learn more. Playing cat and mouse with the vigilantes, the friends unearth the group's plans. If successful, they could kill thousands and permanently disrupt the economy. Moore tells a fast paced story about events that you could find in the morning paper or on the "trending now" list: Angry, super exotic crack troop eco-activists and hackers intent on causing harm. Citizens trying to stop them. High tech weapons, surveillance, love and passion, chance encounters, fist fights. Forest rangers and private investigators get involved. All set in the winter beauty of Summit County Colorado. The characters and their interactions make a compelling tale. The story revolves around scientific and technological theory and conjecture. Or is it fact?
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